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DESIGNING – Creatively Original


You are sharing your life with the world bravely. You are laughing about the big stuff and the small stuff — and everything in between. You are putting your heart, soul, and opinion out for the world to see. You are offering tips, strategies, and hacks to this crazy adventure we call life. And you are rocking at it…

But there’s just one little problem.
Your online brand isn’t reflecting your passion. Your purpose. Your personality.

You are ready for a new look and feel for your online presence. You want a design that fits your personality — and showcases your brand. You want to shake things up, or to start anew. You want something that brings people back, over and over again.

I can create for you a uniqueness that reflects your personality and purpose. I will get you feeling giddy as you adore your new online brand. Through the power of design, we will work together to get your potential clients coming back again and again.

My Website Needs Some Help.

Are you a business owner who’s searching for a new look for your website? Or maybe you don’t yet have a space online to call your own. Maybe you want something that better reflects the feel and personality of your brand. Or maybe you are just looking to completely shake things it up and have decided the best way to do that is through a website makeover! Whatever your reasoning or particular situation may be – if you are looking for a new online space, I would LOVE to help!

Not only do I understand how to give your website a complete facelift (or create for you a new one), I also play well with others. Want to stick with your current web developer and just have me work on the visual side of things? Already have a solid logo you love and want me to base your new site design around? No problem! I love collaborating with others and would be happy to do as much or as little as you need in order to get your website to a place you can be proud of and enjoy.

I’m Interested in a Blog of My Own.

The blogosphere can be an exciting but overwhelming place. From parenting blogs to fashion blogs to industry blogs, no topic remains untouched. Blogging has the possibility to be a very fast, effective, and plain old fun way to share yourself or your brand with potential followers and clients. But in order to share your influence online, you have to have a branded space to do so. And creating and starting your own blog may not be something you are prepared to handle on your own.

That is where I come in. Creating blogs is truly one of my most favorite things to do — it gives us the opportunity to work together to design a creative space where you can be uniquely you! From technical setup to a branded design, I will take care of it all. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and dream up your first blog post.

 I’d Like You to Design My Site.

Feel free to check out my Design Portfolio to see some of my past designs. Or you can visit my Testimonials Page to see what some of my past clients are saying about my services.

Once you are ready to move forward, please fill out the short contact form letting me know whether you’d like more information on “Website Design‎” or “Blog Design” and I will be in touch within 2 business days. I will chat with you over what specific services we feel you could benefit from at this time, we will agree on a plan, and very shortly after that an estimate will be sent your way for review. Please keep in mind that your estimate will be uniquely created for you and is therefore completely customizable. You are free to add and delete whatever you would like to get it to a workload, timeline, and price point you are comfortable with. And don’t worry — there are no strings here. If I send you a quote and you decide that now is not the right time for you to start a new design, we are still free to go our separate ways. Until a contract is signed, there are no obligations on your end.

It’s difficult to give an average investment for this kind of work as it’s so individualized, but the majority of my clients end up spending somewhere between $400 and $1200 for their design. Hourly design work is based off of $50 an hour (discount available for non-profits).

**You can read more details about the design process on my FAQ page.

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